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Tailor–made sewing

Tailor–made sewing

Diversity and individuality are our strengths. There are no two identical silhouettes, each of us is special and beautiful. These are the beliefs of Lana Nguyen, who, with a passion for craftsmanship, wants to bring back tailor-made sewing, mistakenly associated with awkwardness.

You can go through this process without leaving your home, online. On Lana Nguyen's website, you will find a useful video that will help you go through the process of self– measurement in an easy and fun way. Remember, you can always use the help of our atelier assistant by calling us. If you prefer, we also kindly invite you to take the measurements at the designer’s atelier in Warsaw, where we will take care of everything, and you will have a moment to yourself.

Lana Nguyen offers tailor-made dresses for every occasion - cocktail dresses, prom dresses, wed-ding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or outfits for any other given ceremony. Additionally, almost every product from the ready-to-wear collection can be customized in the form of a special order. Changing the length, color or choosing a different fabric is not a problem for us.

Lana Nguyen also offers a wide selection of wedding dresses. Each of them is made to measure inthe brand's Warsaw atelier.

This is an excellent choice for people who like the romantic designs of Lana Nguyen from the ready-to-wear collection, but would like to slightly modify them. We can change the length, sleeves,neckline, color or choose a different fabric. Together with the designer, you can also create a new gown based on this design.

A special day requires an amazing design, of which Lana Nguyen has a wide selection. Each of the wedding dresses is made to measure in the Warsaw atelier of the brand. Every single gown is made with attention to detail - embroidery, draping, ruffles are handmade, so that the design fits the silhouette perfectly. Every single one, because we sew in all sizes. You will find the dress of your dream in Lana Nguyen's wedding collection. If you prefer, any of the gowns can be modified to suit your individual needs. It is also possible to make an individual design on request. You and your needs are very important to us and we will do everything to make your dreams come true.

A wedding, prom, or maybe a romantic dinner where you want to look special and one of a kind? Together with Lana Nguyen, you can design an individual design - create a sketch, choose a fabricand have an impact on the final project. If you want to, you can share your inspirations (from the internet or magazines) with the designer. We will make every effortto make your dreams come true.

The price of the design depends on the choice of the fabric, modifications made during the processand the final design. The price of a tailor–made cocktail dress starts from PLN 1,000, and a wedding dress from PLN 4,500. You can find examples of cocktail dresses in the Tailor-Made section, and examples of wedding dresses in the Lana Bridal section.

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Cocktail dresses

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Tailor made wedding dresses

After booking date and scheduling time just for you, we will meet for the first time. On this day, you
will be able to try on our pieces to decide in which one you feel best in. We will advise you which
cut and style suit your silhouette and the nature of the ceremony. The help of a friend or family
member is also invaluable, so we encourage you to take your loved ones with you. They will help
you make the right decision. The first meeting lasts about 1.5 hours.

In Lana Nguyen’s atelier, you can try on dresses from all the Bridal collections and see what you
feel best in. You also have an option of modifying your chosen design. Changing the neckline,
length of the dress, sewing in shoulder pads is not a problem for us. We have a wide range of
fabrics from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Lana Nguyen can also, on a
special request, create an original, unique and one of a kind design of your dreams. The wedding
dress will be sewn to measure by the best tailors in our atelier.

When you feel that it is THE dress, we take the lead.

In order for you to feel comfortable and visualise the end effect in the best way, we encourage you
to bring thin, nude underwear. However, a positive attitude is the most important part:)
Let us take care of you and your loved ones.

After selecting a design and arranging all the details, we will meet around 3-4 times for fittings.
Therefore, we encourage you to start looking for a dress approximately 6 months before the
wedding. Of course, we are aware that every situation is different, and if necessary, we can work
faster than light.

The price of a dress starts at 4,500 PLN. The final cost depends on the number of modifications or
the selected fabrics. Special projects are priced individually.

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