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Silk balloon dress


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Made To Measure online and at designer’s atelier

All of Lana Nguyen's designs from Lana Made To Measure line are sewn in the designer's atelier, located in the heart of Warsaw, where traditional tailoring is intertwined with modern design. Tailor–made sewing is also available online, without leaving your home. Here you will find a useful video that will help you go through the process of self– measurement in an easy and fun way. Remember, you can always use the help of our atelier assistant by calling us or take the measurements at the designer’s atelier in Warsaw, where we will take care of everything, and you will have a moment to yourself.

Thank to tailor–made sewing, you’ll have an outfit perfectly fitted to your silhouette. One that will be a true ally for any occasion. Properly tailored designs can give confidence, as you don’t need to worry about the fabric that fits badly at the neckline or the lack of comfort.

Diversity and individuality are our strengths. There are no two identical silhouettes, each ofus is special and beautiful. These are the beliefs of Lana Nguyen, who, with a passion for craftsmanship, wants to bring back tailor-made sewing, mistakenly associated with awkwardness and exaggeratedly high prices. Lana wants to bring back the magic of the old days when it was natural for most women to have their dressmakers and all of the clothes were custom made. Now, made-to-measure sewing is also available online, in an easy and fun way, without leaving your home.

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