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Lana Nguyen

With a head full of ideas, Lana Nguyen sets the tone for her brand. In her collections, she uniquely combines the European, Polish aesthetic, of the country she grew up in, with the oriental, Vietnamese one, from which she comes from. Thanks to a multicultural upbringing, she perceives the world openly, is inspired by everything that surrounds her and creates a brand addressed to women with different styles and needs. Lana graduated from university with a masters of arts degree, specializing in fashion design. She is fascinated by female beauty and she is a lover of cinema and art, especially the romantic one.


Romantic, sensual, extremely intriguing, and strong. Lana Nguyen’s woman is sensitive to beauty, likes to look good, while also valuing comfort. She is each of us – a girl on the subway reading an interesting book, a friend laughing in a café, a woman walking in a flowy dress in the park. Wearing Lana Nguyens designs she can feel confident and one of a kind. Thanks to the feminine, romantic and original clothes, she is not dressed up but treats fashion as an ally, who makes her feel free and beautiful every day.


Romantic, modern, feminine and timeless. Lanas collections are designed not only to delight but to stay in our wardrobes for years. Her original styles can easily adapt to different occasions. The brand’s designs are sewn from the best quality fabrics and the custom made looks and wedding dresses are often decorated by hand. Placing the pattern pieces on the fabric, hand-sewing beads, pearls or feathers requires hours of precise work, and all this is always finished with Lana’s great passion and love for details.


Diversity and individuality are our strengths. There are no two identical silhouettes, each of us is special and beautiful. These are the beliefs of Lana Nguyen, who, with a passion for craftsmanship, wants to bring back tailor-made sewing, mistakenly associated with awkwardness and exaggeratedly high prices. In Lana Nguyen’s atelier, you will spend a pleasant time together with the designer, creating looks of your dreams, specially tailored to your individual needs. Lana wants to bring back the magic of the old days when it was natural for most women to have their dressmakers and all of the clothes were custom made. For those who prefer to buy pre-designed pieces (in the atelier or online) a readytowear collection is available in all sizes. In addition, each of these products can also be customized to suit your needs. It is a solution between tailor-made sewing and classic ready-to-wear. On the website, you can also find wedding dresses from the Bridal collection. They can be ordered according to the designer’s suggestions or tailormade following the wishes of the bride.

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