We want you to feel confident and special in our clothes, so we strive to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Here are some important shipping details for your orders:

  1. Shipping Cost: The shipping cost will be displayed in the cart after adding products and entering your full shipping address.

  2. International Shipping: We’re excited to deliver our products to customers worldwide!

  3. Delivery Time:

    DHL Express shipping 5-7 days

    Local Post Standard shipping 10-14 days

    However, please allow about 7 days for the preparation of your order. Most of our collection is made to order for you at the time of ordering, so we need some time to refine your product to the best.

  4. Waiting Time: The final waiting time for your order can be from 7 days to 3 weeks (depends on depends on shipping option). Remember though, as the saying goes – good things are worth the wait! If you need your dream product faster, contact us by email and we’ll try to arrange expedited shipping.

  5. Delivery Method:

    DHL for express shipping

    Local Post for standard shipping

    You’ll receive the tracking number for your package within 2-3 days of it being packed by us.

  6. Customs Duties: Remember that in some countries¬† you may be asked to pay customs duties. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, as tax rates vary by country. We do not cover these costs, but if officials ask you for additional documents, we’ll help you with the necessary information. Just let us know by email at info@lananguyen.com

We want you to feel at home while shopping with us – comfortable

and confident, like with a friend over coffee and toast sandwich. Relax, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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