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Our strength lies in diversity and uniqueness. There are no two identical silhouettes, just as there are no two identical people or personalities. Each of us is different and beautiful in our own, individual way.

These are the important principles of Lana Nguyen, for whom the emphasis on the beauty of diversity comes first in design. As a fashion designer, she is inspired by the uniqueness of people. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and their own way of expressing themselves through clothing. Therefore, she focuses on ensuring that her designs reflect this rich palette of individuality.

In her work, this manifests in bold combinations of different forms, colors, textures, and fabrics. Lana pays special attention to details, which give her projects a unique charm and make them characteristic of her style.

With a head full of ideas, Lana Nguyen sets the tone for her signature brand. Thanks to her multicultural upbringing, she perceives the world openly and creates a brand aimed at people with diverse styles and needs.

Lana believes that diversity is wonderful and wants her projects to convey this idea. She wants everyone who wears her clothes to feel beautiful and exceptional. It is the diversity of people, their silhouettes, styles, personalities, and unique beauty that serves as an endless inspiration for her work as a fashion designer.


Sometimes, when someone else believes in you more than you do, you begin to grow wings – Lana Nguyen

It all started with a meeting over coffee and a simple suggestion from a friend – “Why not organize a fashion show during one of the upcoming events?” Her friend worked at a club in Warsaw at the time.

Lana, on the other hand, was a second-year student and did not believe in her talent or skills. All she had was a collection sewn for upcoming exams. Her friend secretly sent her work to the media, and suddenly within a few days, Lana received immense support from the PR Agency, photographers, model agencies, who were ready to support her in her debut show – they were the first ones to believe in her talent. And so, her first show took place in 2011, which to her great surprise was received with great acclaim and standing ovations.

This magical moment, which the future designer never even dreamed of, shaped her path and initiated the creation of the Lana Nguyen brand in 2011.

To this day, Lana is very grateful for this moment, and above all for the people who believed in her more than she did.

Today, the brand has two main lines LANA and Lana Nguyen Wedding.


The Lana line offers collections for everyday wear, for romantic days, and for those full of comfort and warmth. One day you face your daily duties, the next you indulge in your passion, or sit with a book in the park, and the next evening, you feel like dancing and having fun on the dance floor. For each of these occasions, you will find a styling in our collection that will allow you to express your inner glow. Everyone is different, but one thing is certain, each new day brings new challenges and opportunities to create a look that expresses you.

We know that each of us has many different styles and moods. One day we want to feel charming, romantic, sensual, and another day we need to feel free and comfortable – in the Lana collection, you will find a full range of stylings that will accompany you every day.

Lana is just like you. Regardless of mood and activity, in our collection, you will find something for yourself. A dreamy girl with a book in the park? The life of the party at the event? Or perhaps wrapped in a blanket watching TV series? LANA was created for every day in our lives and is a combination of all the moods that accompany you throughout the week.

Trendy designs with standout accents will emphasize your style and individuality because we want you to always feel exceptional. Express yourself through clothing and accentuate your silhouette with a wide range of cuts available in our line.

Part of our brand’s philosophy is also sustainable production. By making each new collection available for preorder, we know the demand for each piece of clothing, allowing us to produce products after you place an order. This solution allows us to avoid overproduction and care for the environment, as well as make our collections unique.

Our brand is not limited to one style; you will find romantic everyday clothes, party dresses, and dresses for special occasions here. Everything depends on you and how you want to look on a given day.


Romantic, sensual, incredibly intriguing, strong. The Lana Nguyen woman is sensitive to beauty, likes to look good, but values comfort. She is each of us – a girl on the subway, engrossed in a book, laughing at the table next to a friend in a cafe, a woman strolling in a flowy dress through the park. By wearing Lana Nguyen’s designs, she can feel confident and exceptional. Thanks to our designs, you don’t have to choose between fashion and comfort. Our feminine, romantic, and original products are your allies in the pursuit of self-confidence and style.

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